Revving Up the Excitement: Ben’s Incredible Monaco Grand Prix Experience


This past weekend was an unforgettable adventure as our hospitality team, Ben, Luke, Tom & James worked in the magnificent French Riviera, hosting 50 clients on our highly coveted Monaco Grand Prix Trip.

We arrived ahead of schedule, allowing us the privilege of immersing ourselves in the buzzing atmosphere of Monaco on Thursday, witnessing the iconic circuit taking shape. It was an awe-inspiring sight as we entered the Principality from above, beholding the grandeur of the racing spectacle. The sounds and energy permeating the air gave us a taste of the excitement that was about to unfold during the main event.

Friday brought a sun-kissed welcome to our clients as they arrived in the glamorous city of Cannes. The weather graced us with lovely sunshine and a delightful temperature of 26 degrees. Outside the impressive JW Marriott Hotel, our exclusive weekend haven, paparazzi eagerly awaited, hoping to catch a glimpse of our illustrious clients… or even spot a few film stars. This weekend held an extra touch of enchantment as our clients were treated to the mesmerising wonders of the Cannes Film Festival, which unfolded right on the hotels doorsteps. Meeting the clients for the first time was a really fulfilling experience, especially for me as I have been getting their trip ready with them for the past 6 months, so seeing their smiles and hearing their excitement meant a lot.

Saturday brought about more sun and also one of the big highlights of the trip as our clients boarded a luxury catamaran with us and set sail down the French Riviera, the sun was beating down on the deck, the champagne was flowing, luxury canapes were eaten and it was really nice to see our fantastic clients forming new friendships before our eyes. Halfway through the boat trip we dropped anchor to allow the clients the opportunity to jump off and swim in the French Riviera, there were some fantastic dives being taken and it became a real spectator sport! But the best spectating was to come on Sunday …

Bright and early Sunday morning the troops were rallied, and we headed over the Monaco in high spirits ready to watch the most iconic race in Motorsport. A lovely coach ride along the Riviera coast provided plenty of astonishing views on our way over to Monaco but the real viewing was still to come. Arriving into Monaco we could feel the difference to Thursday immediately, the buzz from the town below us was electric and as we joined the large crowds heading towards the circuit, the excitement was building. One of the best things about the Monaco Grand Prix is the opportunity to explore the fantastic town, enjoy its cuisine and do a spot of shopping all within a stone’s throw of our grandstand seating.

As the race neared, we took our seats in Grandstand T located on the run down between the Swimming Pool Chicane and La Rascasse, an excellent place to see the driver really put the hammer down around this tight street circuit. But these seats come with the best view on the circuit in my opinion because from where we were seated you can perfectly into almost every pit garage along the pit lane. Our clients loved that they could watch all of the teams and drivers preparation from close up, witness the drivers walking to and from the grid, spot some great celebrities and see all of the intricate pit stops…of which there were many. The race brought the best of the atmosphere, the roar of the engines the cheers from the crowd and the audible gaps reverberating around the circuit as the rain came down and mistakes were made. Not even the rain could dampen our clients’ spirits though as they all donned the rain ponchos we provided and continued to watch the fantastic entertainment before them. After the race the clients had a few hours to freely explore Monaco and take in the post-race atmosphere but the coach journey back to Cannes.

As Monday arrived, a tinge of bittersweet emotions filled the air as we bid farewell to our fantastic clients who had joined us on this years trip. To conclude our French Riviera experience, we laced up our running shoes and embarked on an invigorating 10k run along the breathtaking beachfront, symbolising the end of yet another unforgettable client experience.

The Cannes Film Festival added an extra layer of glamour and excitement to our already incredible itinerary. It was a feast for the eyes as extravagant dresses adorned the red carpet and intriguing fashion statements mesmerised onlookers. The festival exuded an undeniable air of anticipation, igniting our spirits and captivating us with its vibrant energy.

We have already received some wonderful feedback from our guests – hear what they had to say:

“We went on the Monaco Grand Prix event. This was an absolutely amazing experience from start to finish, so impressed with the whole team, but Ben in particular looked after us to an exceptional level. I will recommend Impulse Decisions to everyone I meet. Once in a lifetime experience, incredible.”

“The trip to the Monaco Grand Prix was one of the best experiences I have ever had! The hotel was fabulous, the Riveria Cruise was splendid, the transfer to the Grand Prix was easy and the seats were fantastic. Watching the race back last night on television made us want to relive the experience. The staff were all so attentive and helped with anything that was needed and would highly recommend this company – and this experience. Just little things like providing a waterproof cape in case of rain (and there was rain) made such a difference. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!”

It was Luke’s first time hosting the Monaco GP experience, here is what he had to say:
“From the champagne cruise watching clients sipping down a few glasses and jumping off the boat into the French Riviera, or the race day in Monaco on some incredible seats overlooking the pits, spending time with some of the many amazing clients that joined us on the trip. Not to forget the Cannes film festival where we were brushing shoulders with the stars every day, trying not to get snapped by the paparazzi. What can I say, a truly amazing experience delivering such a special trip. Roll on Monaco 2024. Not one to be missed!”

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