17 Apr
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Brits London Marathon Challenge!

On Sunday 21st April 2024 Brittany, our Event and Auction Manager will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime in support of Haven’s Hospices – THE ICONIC LONDON MARATHON!  

When an adult or child has been diagnosed with a complex or incurable condition, Havens Hospices provide the care they need, ‘Making every day count’. Their specialist Care Teams support them in the comfort of their own home and through hospices, Fair Havens and Little Havens. 

Brit has been busy training since September last year! From park runs to 10ks, half marathons to running in La Manga whilst she was delivering one of our silent auctions – some of Impulse Team also joined her for one of her training runs!


Come rain or shine Brit has been absolutely smashing her training and we will be cheering her on every step of the way!  

I always go up to London every year to support the runners as it is such an amazing atmosphere. Last year I thought, if 48,000 people can do it each year, all different abilities why can’t I? I applied for ballot, but as expected I didn’t get in so i applied for a small numberof charities, not expecting to get a place. When I received the email for Havens Hospice, I was in complete shock, I think I replied accepting my place within approx. 28 seconds, no thought went into it. .. I have been given a once in a lifetime opportunity and I needed to do it.  

Just to put into perspective, at this point the max I had ever ran was 1.8km during lockdown and I cried the whole time because I hated it (yes, I’m dramatic). Training has been extremely difficult; I haven’t enjoyed every moment of it but I just keep telling reminding myself what a difference I am making to all the families at Haven’s Hospice. 

 Never did I think I would be getting up at 7:00am on my Sunday morning, feeling fresh and going for a 25k run, I think I am still in shock that I have got this far. I am aiming for around 5 & a half hours but we shall see, for me it is just about finishing it and getting across the finish line. I have raised £2,222 so far, but I am not stopping and want to try and raise as much as I possibly can”  

If you would like to track Brit on the day her runner number: #70357 

To show your support please visit Brits just giving page via the following link: