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Why silent auctions need to be a part of your fundraising strategy

Providing over 500 silent auctions in 2023 at a range of events across the UK and overseas to help raise funds for vital causes, Impulse Decisions is one of the leading companies providing this service. Having raised £6.7 million between 2021-2023, Impulse is proud of the support we have been able to give charities and hope to increase this figure year on year.  

Our level of expertise within the team ensures a seamless auction at any event. We fully manage the auction on the evening free of charge meaning there is no cost to the charity – there is literally nothing to lose doing it. 


So how do our auctions work? 

We bring the auction to your event, which can be anything ranging from… 

  –  Awards ceremonies 

  –  Auctions within hospitality events 

  –  Charity balls 

  –  Corporate annual dinners across industries from technology to steel 

  –  Sporting events such as high-profile golf days or Grand Prix’s 

The choice is entirely yours, we can accommodate any event!  


How are they silent?   

We use the traditional sealed bid approach using brochures distributed on all the tables, which minimises the impact on your event and maximises the funds raised from the silent auction. Guests have plenty of time to look through the brochures and place bids throughout the event with no disruption to your running order. Our representatives then circulate on the evening, collecting bids and encouraging people to join in. 


How does it work online?  

Alongside the traditional sealed bid/brochure approach Impulse have found that over the past year more charities and third sector organisations have gone digital with their fundraising which has led to a big increase in online charity auctions. Online auctions are a great way to raise money for your cause. They can take many different forms and easily be fitted into other fundraising events. 

An online auction can also take place any time, not just when you have a fundraising event taking place. This opens up more opportunities, and people can bid on the items over a longer period of time.  

Impulse Decisions online auction platform, Sliderstock has additional features, such as a leaderboard – for the competitive in your audience, a donation page, a pledge page and raffle/prize draw function – all of these additional pages can be turned on and off – and they can really help to maximise your fundraising efforts. 


What are the benefits of silent auctions? 

FREE                 DISCREET           INCLUSIVE 

Everyone at a charity event is different. Different personalities, interests, incomes, different preferences of how to donate their money. One of the most important elements of fundraising at charity events is presenting guests with a variety of different ways to get involved. Through doing this, guests will be more engaged, and you are able to actively involve more people in the room.  

Live auctions do have a place but are restricted to the number of items that can be sold and do rely on confident people who are prepared to publicly bid for the items, which not everyone at an event is prepared to do. Using a silent auction enables everyone in the room the opportunity to make a bid, discreetly, and without the pressure of an auctioneer. 

We are also able to include many more items in a silent auction, so the range of prizes is much more varied and there is more chance of ensuring you have something that will appeal to everyone. 

Given our success rate, we have proved the above works and some of our favourite examples are listed below….


A national charity that is on our unlimited auctions package raised £31,000 in revenue over four months. 

A national rugby charity held an amateur match and raised £11,000 using an online auction. 

A small shooting day for one hundred people in Yorkshire raised £9,000 again with an online auction running alongside the day. 

A national charity raised £181,646.74 in 2023 from Impulse Decisions silent auction service. 

A gala dinner, as part of one of our hospitality packages raised £3,880.42 for two national charities. 


Don’t just take our word for it though…see what some of our clients say about us here: https://youtu.be/D70yvCvN40s  


“We exceeded our target! And it was fairly hassle free from our side – the team take care of a lot”.

“Your offerings were great value, and lots of variety which guests appreciated. Your way of collecting money, and not distracting guests from their evening too much also goes a really long way – people tend to engage more when its less intense.” 


Want to know more? 

Are you planning a charity fundraising event this year? To chat to us and to find out more about how our free silent auction services can help boost your fundraising please contact Will Ferguson, Director of Fundraising on will@impulsedecisions.com , 07983 682749.