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Why have a display at a Charity Auction?

Running a charity auction at an event plays a significant part of both the entertainment and more importantly the fundraising on the evening.  As Impulse Decisions are both experts in this field and industry leaders in our provision of silent auctions, there are key things you need to get right to maximise the potential of your auction, and below we explain why. 

As part of our free silent auction service, Impulse Decisions will provide a display at events to showcase a selection of the amazing lots available in the silent auction on that evening. This display is made up of 6-8 items with a mix of sports and tv/film memorabilia and experience boards to promote some of our luxury packages. 

What items is the display made up of? 

Our displays include 6-8 items with a mix of both signed sports memorabilia and signed TV/Film memorabilia. 

We also include 2-4 boards which highlight some of the available experiences on offer. These range from dining experiences, sports hospitality, bucket list trips, spa weekends and even bespoke suit tailoring (to name a few!).

Why do we have the mix of items that we do on display? 

At events, we meet a huge number of people who ultimately all like very different things. Taking a display with a range of options means that we grasp the attention from as many people as possible. We find that many people really enjoy the carefully created experiences that we have on offer, so whilst the signed memorabilia are the showstoppers on the display and initially draws people in, having the experience boards really shows we do have something for everyone. 

Megan Becker Staffing Team, Impulse Decisions “As a team, our ultimate goal is to raise as many funds as possible for the chosen charities. We love interacting with the guests and helping them to find their next dream holiday or a signed display to put in their office! Having a visual display helps to spark those initial conversations, giving our team opportunity to create great relationships with the guests and increase their positive auction and fundraising experience at the event “

What difference does this make to the auction experience for clients? 

This makes a huge difference for both the lovely clients and charities that we work with and the guests at the events. The display is attractive and exciting and is an extra something for the guests to enjoy during their drinks reception. We always get a positive response from guests about the display, and we will constantly thrive to improve it year on year. The clients relax seeing us interact with guests and therefore they don’t have to answer any questions regarding the auction. It is clear where we are if anyone has any queries, and we are always available to help. 

“Clear communication from team, excellent selection of auction prizes which were well displayed” Silent Auction Client 2023  


What difference does a display make to totals raised on the evening? 

It comes back to the trust that the guests have in the items when they can see examples on the night of the auction. If the guests are memorabilia fans, then the items are there on display for them to see upfront (not just in a brochure), and for them then to take home should they wish to.  

If guests are more into the experiences, having the display means that we get the opportunity to start those conversations with guests, find out what they would like and help them with their bids. Having that presence and the conversation from the get-go leads to more interest, and therefore more sales benefitting the charity.

Both of these engage the audience in the auction, encourage them to look at the brochures on the tables, and ultimately make the bids needed to make the auction a much greater success. Ultimately raising more funds for our clients so the charities make the most money possible. 

Over the past three years we have raised £6.7 million through our silent auctions, which is all the proof you need that what we are doing above does work! 

To find out more about our free silent auction service please contact the team at sales@impulsedecisions.com or call 01423 531682.